SunLine™ Solar Electric Power Systems

Everything needed to GENERATE CLEAN ELECTRICITY at home! Now almost any home can generate its own clean electricity with a complete SunChoice™ Solar Electric Home Power System. These packages are engineered to install quickly and reliably, and to provide years of automatic operation. SunLine™ System benefits:

  • Make your own clean electricity
  • Become more energy independent
  • Spin your meter backwards
  • Reduce your utility bills
solar house Inverter Electrical Panel Utility Meter Solar Panels

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Solar Panels convert sunlight instantly into DC Electric power

Inverter converts DC power into standard AC power for use in the home, synchronizing with utility power whenever the electric grid is distributing electricity.

Existing Electrical Panel distributes solar electricity and utility power to loads in the house.

With the SunUPS System, your home will operate even during a power outage.

Utility Power is automatically provided at night and during the day when your demand exceeds your solar electric power production.

Utility Meter actually spins backwards when solar power production exceeds house demand, allowing you to credit any excess electricity against future utility bills.