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the clear alternative.
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BioDiesel is considered 'the friendly fuel' and is the clear alternative for many reasons.

Contains no Hazardous Material
Petroleum Free
Zero Sulfur
Non Toxic
11% Oxygen
Elevated Cetane
Increased Lubricity
Higher Flash Temperature
The pungent smell of diesel fuel is replaced with a slight scent of vegetable oil. BioDiesel may be used in any unmodified Diesel Engine, in it's pure form.
Significant Reductions in Tailpipe Emissions
(14 EPA FTP tests)

Particulate Matter (PM) -55.4 %
Carbon Monoxide (C)) -43.2%
Carbon Dioxide (C)2) -78.3%
Hydrocarbons (HC) -56.3%

BioDiesel may also be blended with Petroleum Diesel. A 20% blend (B-20) still provides emission benefits by reducing soot, particles, hydrocarbons, carbon
monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur by up to 20% each.

Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon and bulk deliveries for both on & off road users.